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Nuestra Senora de Nuevo Mexico Comitium

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Our Lady of the Mystical Rose Praesidium
St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church
5712 Paradise Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114

Maria Rosa Mystica, Mystical Rose, Immaculate Conception.
Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, Mother of Grace,
Mother of the Mystical Body, Mother of the Church,
thou camest down on earth to call upon us children of this earth
to love each other, to unite and live in peace..
Thy requests of us the practice of charity, prayer,
and penance. We thank God with all our hearts that
He has given thee to us as our Mother and Mediatrix
in all our needs. Mary, full of grace, please help me,
I beseech thee and grant me my special intention.
[Mention your intentions.]
Thou hast promised us thy motherly protection, full of graces:
"I am always very close to thee, with My motherly love."
Rosa Mystica, Immaculata, Mater Dolorosa,
please show me that thou art my Mother,
Bride of the Holy Spirit and Queen of Heaven and Earth.