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Nuestra Senora de Nuevo Mexico Comitium

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The Holy Rosary | Founder and Servants of Mary

Our Lady Queen of Peace Praesidium
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
412 Stover Ave. SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Prayer for the Immaculate Queen of Peace
Most holy and immaculate Virgin, Mother of Jesus
and our loving Mother, being his Mother,
you shared in his universal kingship.
The prophets and angels proclaimed him King of peace.
With loving fervor in our hearts we salute and
honor you as Queen of peace.
We pray that your intercession may protect us
and all people from hated and discord,
and direct our hearts into the ways of peace and justice
which your Son taught and exemplified.
We ask your maternal care for our Holy Father
who works to reconcile the nations in peace.
We seek your guidance for our President
and other leaders as they strive for world peace.
Glorious Queen of peace, grant us peace in our hearts,
harmony in our families and concord throughout the world.
Immaculate Mother, as patroness of our beloved country,
watch over us and protect us with your motherly love.