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Daily Prayer of Our Lady
Author: Our Lady in Revelation to Sr Maria of Agreda

( From the Mystical City of God, by Maria of Agreda)

I prostrate myself in your Presence Oh God Most High
and I give You Thanks and Praise for your Immutable Being,
for your Infinite Perfections, and for having created me out of nothing.

I acknowledge myself as your creature and as the work of your hands.
I bless you and I adore You. I give you Honour,
Magnificence and Divinity as the Supreme Lord and
Creator of myself and of all that exists.

I raise up my Spirit to place it into your hands.
I offer myself with profound humility and resignation to You
and I ask you to dispose of Me according to your Holy Will
during this day and during all the days of my life, and
I ask You to teach me to fulfill whatever would be to your greater pleasure.

I consult you, I ask your advice, I ask your permission
and I ask your blessing on everything that I do today.
I ask you permission to use my body as your temple,
my mind as the mind of Christ, my soul as the souls of Jesus and Mary:
my memory to remember you only, my will to use it in conformity to Your Will
and my understanding to understand You with Your Wisdom
and to understand my brothers and sisters.